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Organic Vegan Soap, Handmade in Spring Valley, California, USA

Pallas Athene Soap™ is the creator of award-winning Pure Soap™.

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The Pallas Athene Soap soapmaker is certified by the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild.

Pallas Athene Soap is listed with the Natural Soap Directory.

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  • Free Recipes

    Use Pure Soap™ to make natural cleaners and natural skin care products, such as bubble bath, spa style body scrub, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry soap, laundry stain pre-treatment, dish soap, fruit & veggie wash, anti-fog treatment to prevent fog on glass & plastic, "saddle" soap for cleaning leather, and insecticidal soap gardening spray for killing plant pests without toxic chemical pesticides.  For more information, recipes, and instructions, please visit the Pure Soap™ page.

  • Free Custom-Printed Labels

    Soap labels custom-printed to include your text (e.g., your company's marketing information or personal names).  Custom-printed soap labels create a distinguished and unique personalized gift for all occasions.  Restrictions: This free service only applies to the minimum purchase of 2 pounds of soap of the same variety or 2 pounds of custom soap.

    Free Custom-Printed Soap Labels from
Pallas Athene Soap & Natural Skin Care.
  • Free Customized Soap Formulas

    Soap formulas customized to match the theme of your company or special occasion (i.e., you select which herbs, flowers, and/or fragrances will be included in your soap).  Restrictions: Pallas Athene Soap will only recommend natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic and vegan.  This free service requires the purchase of enough soap to fill one soap mold, which makes a loaf of soap weighing approximately 2 pounds.  Pallas Athene Soap will slice the loaf of custom soap into nine 3.5-ounce bars, or eight 4.0-ounce bars, or seven 4.2-ounce bars, whichever you choose.  Each bar may be labeled with a custom label (see above).  Custom soap price is $34.00 for the 2-pound loaf, regardless of bar count or bar weight.

  • Shipping Services

    For information about shipping services, including shipping rates, shipping policies, and international delivery service, please visit the shipping page.

  • Exchange Services

    For information about exchanges and returns, please visit the exchange page.

  • Free Hyperlink & Listing for Retailers

    A hyperlink to the retailer's website, the physical address of the retail store, directions to the retail store, and the store hours will all be posted in the "Locate a Store" section of the Pallas Athene Soap website.  Restrictions: This service only applies to customers with cumulative purchases totaling thirty (30) bars over six (6) months.  The hyperlink will be available as long as the customer's cumulative purchases continue at this minimum rate.  Pallas Athene Soap will not post hyperlinks to websites containing derogatory, offensive, or pornographic material.

  • Donations to Charity

    For each bar of soap sold, Pallas Athene Soap will donate one (1) bar of soap to a local charity.

Note: The above services are provided without charge when the qualifying restrictions are met.  Custom-printed soap labels may require five (5) days advance order.  Custom soap formulas may require two (2) weeks advance order.  Please, contact Pallas Athene Soap for details and to arrange for other services, not listed above.

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