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Owl & Olives

Pallas Athene: Athena; the mythological Greek goddess of wisdom and art.

According to ancient legend, the goddess Athena made the world’s first olive tree.  When she presented the olive tree as a gift, the recipients were so overcome with gratitude that they named their city—Athens, Greece—in her honor.  Accredited as the creator of many other useful inventions, Athena’s wisdom was frequently associated with the owl.

The Pallas Athene Soap label bears her name, the owl, and the olive branch, in remembrance of this charming fable and to epitomize the preciousness of olive oil in soap.

In modern Europe, olive oil soap (castile soap) is considered the mildest and gentlest of soaps; it is often used as baby soap and facial soap.  Each luxurious bar of Pallas Athene Soap is made with organic virgin olive oil and is handcrafted with natural herbs and botanicals to inspire a unique skincare experience.

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