Pallas Athene Soap™

Handmade Natural Soap

Organic Vegan Soap, Handmade in Spring Valley, California, USA

Pallas Athene Soap™ is the creator of award-winning Pure Soap™.

Free Shipping on Soap Delivered within the Domestic USA!*

The Pallas Athene Soap soapmaker is certified by the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild.

Pallas Athene Soap is listed with the Natural Soap Directory.

The Pallas Athene Soap carbon footprint is offset by TerraPass.

Pallas Athene Soap is PayPal Verified.


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Send an instant text message to nickname "PallasAtheneSoap" or to one of the phone numbers below.

U.S. Postal Service:

Pallas Athene Soap
PO Box 133
Spring Valley, CA  91976-0133
United States

U.S. Telephone:

(619) 668-1435

David's Mobile Telephone:

(619) 301-3737 (in Pacific Time Zone)

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