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Pallas Athene Soap™ is the creator of award-winning Pure Soap™.

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The Pallas Athene Soap soapmaker is certified by the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild.

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Kerri Mixon, Soap Making Instructor. Kerri Mixon, Master Soap Maker. Kerri Mixon, Aromatherapist.

Master Soap Maker

Kerri Mixon is a 16th generation soap maker and is the Master Soap Maker of both Pallas Athene Soap and Pandora's Artistic Soap.  Kerri Mixon also works as an instructor at the Soapmaking Studio in San Diego, California, where she teaches soap making and aromatherapy classes.

The Goodness of Pallas Athene Soap!

Pallas Athene Soap products are lovingly handmade from organic vegan ingredients.  Soaps are carefully made in small batches, never more than twenty-four pounds at a time.  The Premium Soap™ natural soap base consists of a variety of nutritive natural oils, including organic olive oil and other exotic oils that yield a soap delightfully high in glycerin and rich with essential fatty acids.  These organic, vegan, handmade natural soaps also contain vitamins E, C, and A from natural botanical sources.

Dried organic herbs, flowers, beans, clays, &/or kelps are added to the premium soaps for their beneficial skin care properties and for texture.  Scented soaps are fragranced only with pure botanical essential oils and are aromatherapeutically formulated to inspire specific emotional effects.  Pallas Athene Soap products never contain animal ingredients, nor animal by-products, nor chemical preservatives, nor colorants, nor synthetic fragrances.  Furthermore, products and ingredients are not tested on animals.  Made from organic fair trade vegetable oils, Pallas Athene Soap natural soaps are certified vegan and are 100% biodegradable.

Pallas Athene Soap only uses recyclable "Cradle to Cradle" certified boxes and biodegradable packing peanuts, because Pallas Athene Soap operates as a small environmentally responsible green company.  Conveniently, these organic, vegan, handmade natural soaps are delivered to your door via USPS Priority Mail® and have been since 2000.  Pallas Athene Soap donates soap to local charities, is a green company, and is a vegan company.

Recipient of the Natural Soap Council's "Best Handmade Natural Soap" award.

The Best Handmade Natural Soap!™

On January 20, 2005, Pallas Athene Soap received the Natural Soap Council's "Best Handmade Natural Soap" award for the 2005-2009 term.

"Receiving this prestigious award was a true honor and we greatly appreciate recognition from the Natural Soap Council; however, we believe Pallas Athene Soap to be the best handmade natural soap because we create our soap exclusively from natural vegan ingredients, to have an appealing aroma, to feel good in the hand and against the body, to look pleasing in a bathroom soap dish, and to help those less fortunate.  Currently, Pallas Athene Soap matches each customer's purchase by donating a bar of soap for each bar sold.  In addition to donating soap to local charities, Pallas Athene Soap is a green company and a vegan company.  We are proud of our unwavering standards and hope they will become the normative standards for the soap industry in the future."

"In the summer of 2007, Pallas Athene Soap unveiled a new line of soap, Philanthropic Soap™, for which 50% of all profits are donated either to the American Social Health Association for researching the herpes virus, to the National Stroke Association for the research and prevention of strokes, or to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for researching and curing prostate cancer.  Within the new Philanthropic Soap™ line, three different varieties of soap have been created to represent each of the three nonprofit charities.  The Pallas Athene Soap staff is very excited about the new line and the ability for customers to choose which charity will receive the donation.  So, we believe we are ‘the best handmade natural soap’ because we believe in helping people, we care about protecting the environment we share with one another, and we take action within our own company to implement innovative measures to improve the future quality of life for people.  Yes, we proudly believe we are the best!"  -Kerri Mixon

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